I am an area adviser for Swift Conservation in Yorkshire and with Ian Kibble and Paula Sidebottom started Helmsley Swifts  https://twitter.com/helmsleyswifts?lang=enI do follow us on Twitter

If you live in the Helmsley or surrounding villages and require advice on roof repairs where swifts are known to nest or you would like advice on starting a new colony please phone 01439 788014 or email me on jonathan@pomroy.plus.com We would like to try to help you help swifts!

The following websites have good information about swifts.

Swift Conservation have expert advice on their website, with pages on roof repairs where a colony exists, making nest boxes, a swift shop and much much more!

Swift Conservation Homepage (swift-conservation.org)


Action for Swifts is a mine of information with some superb blogs on nest box design and projects.



Bristol Swifts run by Mark and Jane Glanville is a very informative site about swifts, especially on news from their own Bristol colony. Mark keeps a superb blog through the swift season.



Leeds Swifts, fellow Yorkshire swift fans have lots of information about swifts and swift rescue.



My most recent swift sketches

These sketches were all made from observations of common swifts last year.  The are presented in chronological order. We had a single pair of swifts nesting on our house in a Gilling East, North Yorkshire. I have sketched them in the air and in the nest box. The common swift has captured my imagination since childhood. Don’t waste any opportunity to watch and listen to these incredible animals this summer. Hold the memories firm in your mind and you will be able to recapture your swift experiences in the darkest days of winter.