I am very pleased to be on the committee of the new group House Martin Conservation UK and Ireland. As we approach the time that UK house martins return we are preparing a website which will help raise awareness of this fast declining species. I have been lucky enough to have house martins on several houses I have lived in, all attracted to artificial nest cups. These give the birds a secure nest to return to each year and thus a head start over others which have to build a new nest. These trusting birds give us immeasurable pleasure from April to September. They linger long after the swifts have departed keeping the sounds of summer alive.

Please feel free to download and display or distribute the A5 flier below. Putting this on display in local shops, village halls, notice boards etc. may encourage your community to care for and enjoy house martins when they return.



Sketches of house martins nesting in artificial nest cups on our house in Gilling East, North Yorkshire last summer.