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Bridge Street Gallery, Helmsley exhibition, 14th- 28th November

November 4, 2015

A new collection of about thirty paintings, mainly based on observations and sketches made in North Yorkshire. Please email for an invitation to the private view on Saturday 14th November 11am- 2pm.

.IMG_1213 (500x375)

IMG_1230 (500x375)

IMG_1235 (500x317)

IMG_3132 (500x470)

IMG_3220 (500x476)

IMG_3218 (378x500)

New exhibition at West Barn, Bradford on Avon- 24th/25th October

October 20, 2015

My annual Bradford on Avon exhibition selling original watercolours, prints and cards will be open daily 10am-5pm. Here are a few more of the paintings showing.

IMG_3139 (500x451)

IMG_3136 (500x415)

West Barn, Bradford on Avon. 24th/25th October

October 4, 2015

Open daily 10am- 5pm. About 35 new paintings, prints and cards. See website for further details. All pictures below will be available. If you would like an invitation to the private view on Friday 23rd October 6- 8pm please email

Swifts over Ampleforth

Seven swifts

IMG_2067 (500x375)

Fast charcoal sketches of swifts in flight.

Fast charcoal sketches of swifts in flight.

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Great Spotted Woodpecker

IMG_2639 (500x281)

IMG_2865 (409x500)

P1110715 (500x396)

Birdfair 21st-23rd August, marquee1 stand25.

August 17, 2015

IMG_2863 (500x279)

IMG_2862 (500x275)

More watercolours for this year’s fair. I will be in marquee 1 stand 25. Watercolours, prints and cards for sale. Sketchbooks for viewing.


August 5, 2015
Curlew, Menai Straights

Curlew, Menai Straights

Black- throated divers

Black- throated divers

Eider drakes

Eider drakes

See these and many other original paintings at BIRDFAIR 2015, Rutland Water in marquee 1 stand 25 from 21st- 23rd August. Prints and cards also available.

Young swifts

August 4, 2015
Young swifts (middle two) with their parents.

Young swifts (middle two) with their parents.

We still have six pairs of swifts feeding young. Unusual but not surprising given the adverse weather in May and June.

Make the most of the swifts!

July 21, 2015
Swift nestlings- 21st July

Swift nestlings- 21st July

Fast charcoal sketches of swifts in flight.

Fast charcoal sketches of swifts in flight.

Most swifts will be leaving us soon. Enjoy them while you can. Here in North Yorkshire there seem to be quite a few late breeding swifts, delayed no doubt by the cold May and June. My sketch from the nest camera shows two nestlings which will not fledge until mid August.


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