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Too cold for Swifts to feed

May 25, 2016


My Swifts have not left the nest box today. A finely balanced decision between using energy to fly and finding enough flies to make doing so worthwhile.

Swifts back in the camera nest box

May 23, 2016

sw5 sw1 sw4 sw3

The Swifts were reunited in their nest box last week and have quickly settled down to build a nest. They can only gather airborne material, mainly feathers at the moment. Much of their time is spent mutual preening on the nest.


May 21, 2016

I am currently exhibiting paintings in Wild in the City at The Forum, Norwich celebrating 90 years of Norfolk Wildlife Trust. The exhibition is open Mon- Sat 10am- 5pm and Sun 10am- 4pm until Sunday 5th June. Here are two of the paintings showing.

IMG_2863 (500x279)

IMG_1982 (500x339)









Recent plein air sketching

March 16, 2016
IMG_4042 (525x700)

Rosedale Head, North York Moors

IMG_3364 (700x525)

Castleton Rigg from Westerdale Moor, North York Moors

IMG_4432 (525x700)

Murk Mire Moor, North York Moors

IMG_4070 (700x534)

Sandsend, Whitby

IMG_4107 (525x700)

North Bay, Scarborough

IMG_4321 (700x525)

Sandsend, Whitby

I have been clinging on to winter recently. I relish being out in and sketching in cold conditions. I enjoy all the seasons, but I always look forward to the return of winter. Cold weather sketching  produces unpredictable results. The watercolours on the moors were made despite the paint freezing on the metal tin! Sea spray can also produce some interesting results. But the experience of painting en plein air far outweighs any disadvantages. Wildlife just appears around you, the sensation of cold wind and the sound of birds or waves combine to make it an experience far removed and much more rewarding than painting in a studio.

Little Owl

February 26, 2016

IMG_3597 (1000x750)

A study of my local Little Owl who in sunshine, rests in an old barn window.

Sketching at Whitby- 3rd February

February 4, 2016

IMG_2697 (3) (500x375)

IMG_2702 (2) (375x500)

IMG_2839 (500x375)

A great day sketching in a bitter NW wind. Four Purple Sandpipers were on the West Pier. Challenging conditions, especially with sea spray constantly coating my telescope lens and glasses! Feeling bitterly cold.

Ruffled feathers

January 27, 2016


Lapwing feeding.


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