The first six compositions are recent bird studies which would have been shown at Birdfair 2020. All are available from my studio or by post. All are unframed. Prices include delivery.

Lapwing flock in winter. Charcoal 77x55cm   £750

Curlew on shoreline. Watercolour 54x34cm  £475
Curlew on a bright January afternoon. Watercolour 52x28cm £425
Lapwing in winter. Watercolour 52x33cm £575
Waxwing. Watercolour study 38x29cm £325
Peregrine. Watercolour study 38x29cm £325
Drake Eider. Watercolour study 48x35cm £495

Swifts in summer cumulus sky. Watercolour 53x37cm £450

Swifts screaming , high over Ampleforth. Watercolour 34x48cm  £450

Swift studies, painted from life. Watercolour 33x52cm  £395

Swift and cloud study. Watercolour 35x48cm  £395

Lapwings in winter. Watercolour 54x32cm  £450



The following paintings are available at the stated galleries. Please let me know if you are interested or contact the relevant gallery.


Pictures are available for purchase unless labelled sold. For pictures available at Birdscapes, Norfolk please telephone 01263 741742.

 For further information please email me




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