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Marsh Harrier over Cley Marshes

Today’s watercolour shows a Marsh Harrier from a low viewpoint at the end of a drainage ditch. The harrier appeared low over the reeds about 50 metres along the ditch, saw me then turned back out over the reedbed. The painting uses very fluid washes for the sky and the water. The reeds and the harrier by contrast are painted with thick watercolour almost dry brushed to give depth to the picture.

Marsh Harrier over Cley Marshes, North Norfolk
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Holkham Bay, North Norfolk in March

Shorelarks at the eastern end of Holkham Bay, watercolour
Amongst the dunes, Holkham Bay
Looking towards Scolt Head from Holkham Bay

 I have spent more time painting for Birdscapes Gallery in Norfolk. These watercolours were painted from sketches made on a fine but windy day in March. The tide was very high when I arrived and I had to walk miles to find Shorelarks on the strandline. Once found I spent the rest of the morning with these delightful birds. Whilst the birds are special I am equally drawn to the beautiful habitat in which they feed, namely Holkham Bay. I sketched to the sound of Skylarks singing, waves breaking and the wind in the Marram Grass.

Work in progress

Shorelarks at Holkham Bay

Yesterday I worked on a painting to be shown at Birdscapes Gallery, near Cley, Norfolk. I worked from sketches made at  the magnificent Holkham Bay back in March. I eventually located 17 Shorelarks and had some wonderful views of these scarce winter visitors to our shores.On a beautiful mild March morning I was able to make many sketches as they searched the shoreline for seeds.

Shorelarks- watercolour