First Swift fledges- 31st July

Swift wing excercising- photo copyright Jonathan Pomroy

Swift doing press ups- copyright Jonathan Pomroy 2012


The first nestling left yesterday morning 43 days after hatching. Meanwhile its sibling remains in the nestbox. The photographs show this bird wing exercising in the box. It now spends the day alone. Its parents have stopped feeding it so it will have to depart very soon. LATEST-2/8/12 the second young swift(shown above) fledged yesterday evening at about 7pm 42 days after hatching.

It has been a good year for swifts in this part of North Yorkshire, contrary to national media reports saying that swifts left early due to the wet April- June period, they haven’t here. They were swirling over our village this morning in the highest number for at least three years. Fledging in local nests has been successful and on time.