October 28th- autumn landscapes in watercolour

I have been painting the landscape several times a day in the last couple of weeks, making many studies of the spectacular autumn tree colours and the dramatic skies which have accompanied fast moving Atlantic weather systems. These skies and their effect on the landscape below are a constant source of inspiration so I have dozens of recent watercolour studies piled up.

I have included here a study of the Holbeck near Gilling East made back in May for comparison with the same scene sketched last Sunday. The brilliance of the autumn version sketched on a very bright afternoon is perhaps proof that although the days are shorter and colder the landscape can offer an incredible feast for the eyes. Sketching can help make the most of these short days; by really looking and taking in these intense scenes I can hold on to them through the dark evenings and I find myself incredibly excited at what the next short day may bring. So look at the weather forecast anew, see wind and changeable conditions as a blessing and the next source of inspiration.

Enjoy looking hard at all autumn and winter have to offer and before you know it signs of spring will be gathering each day!

Holbeck near Gilling East- early May
Holbeck near Gilling East, late October
North York Moors near Helmsley 28/10/20
Sky study near Gilling East- 26/10/20

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