June 20th- pond finished, broad-bodied chaser and swift diary

We have been working hard finishing a pond outside my studio today, so a short blog! The whole family has mucked in, there is plenty of tinkering to do but after the hard digging work and turf edging it is up and running. It gives a great new subject to watch from the studio.

As I was putting the finishing touches to the edges I nearly fell in when distracted by a gorgeous male broad bodied chaser. We have never seen one in the garden before and there it was dazzling us as it checked out the pond. No doubt there will be more pond observations to come in future blogs but for now its time for a beer, a curry and a rest!

Swift Diary

There have been big movements of swifts recorded at watchpoints down the east coast of Yorkshire today. This ties in well with the departure of all our non breeding birds. It has been so quite today. The breeding birds are coming and going with food for their two chicks. They are growing extremely fast. I am a little surprised that the non breeding birds have gone. Other observers in the north have experienced similar whilst some southern observers have seen plenty of action. It shows that much swift behaviour is regional. Today was a beautiful June day. Swifts as ever pose questions which we simply can’t answer.

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