June 2nd- prospecting swifts

Swift Diary

We had some prospecting swifts this morning, giving me the chance to see a swift really well as it rested on our honey coloured walls. They are incredibly beautiful when seen like this. For those of you trying to attract swifts, enjoy this prospecting. Many people I speak to get frustrated because the swifts perch anywhere but on the nest box. But I think they are practising approach and landing as much as anything. Younger swifts need to do this before occupying a nest site having spent so long in the air. When they are mature enough they will find and enter nest sites. So don’t get frustrated watching them, this is all part of their learning process. With each miss they learn more and are probably closer to finding your nest box.  Enjoy the opportunity to see a wall clinging swift, because once they start breeding they come and go without hesitation.


4 thoughts on “June 2nd- prospecting swifts”

  1. Dear Jonathan,
    This is my first year as a Swift enthusiast and I have 3 new Zeist boxes fitted up in anticipation. Yesterday a.m. was very exciting to see lots of returning, or prospecting, Swifts above my neighbourhood. I can’t wait until they find my boxes and make them a permanent seasonal residence. More new boxes are going up in the streets around me, through Heyapus Swift Conservation Group. Seeing and hearing them brought more joy to and already-beautiful morning.
    Eyes to the skies, and hearts a-flutter!!

    1. Good luck Melanie, and please keep me posted. Happy to answer any questions about activity you see. The younger prospecting birds have been away since 3rd here. Quite frustrating, but that’s how it goes with these weather dependant birds. Have you had any prospecting yet, it gets very exciting and addictive! Jonathan

      1. Dear Jonathan,
        Since the skies have been filled with dark clouds, rain and last night thunder and rain I have been watching. But being a novice Swift watcher I can’t blame them for maybe hunkering down or diverting to warmer pressure areas, if that’s what they do?
        With my 3 boxes up, and Swift calls on as much as possible, I know I must be very patient. If I get them showing interest at least for next year, that will be a great start. It must be like having a seasonal time-share, for them. And I will be thrilled if they opt for my new Swift UK ‘properties’.
        This is an area where Swifts haven’t been local for approx. 50 years, sadly. I have lived here 5 years and am staying, So, to get 7 new boxes up on different houses(all Victorian/Edwardian terraced) within one month-through leaflets from Clare Porter at HEY Swift Conservation is very exciting. I am watching the skies for Swifts constantly now 🙂
        Eyes to the skies and hearts aflutter!
        Your artwork, and diaries are inspirational.

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