May 15th- whitethroat, May blossom and swift diary

A walk along the Holbeck and what a beautiful morning. Light cumulus clouds drifted above a verdant landscape with splashes of creamy white May blossom. The Holbeck is lined with big clumps of comfrey and red campion which are coming into flower. Whitethroats are still arriving. We found a new bird back on territory, singing and performing its lovely display flight where it literally dances in the air above the hedgerow. We heard a brief burst of garden warbler song in its usual brambly territory. Other sightings today included a fox and the discovery of an active green woodpecker nest hole.

Swift Diary
Yesterday evening saw a beautiful sunset, I watched the swifts come in to roost and made some watercolour studies of the sky. Today we still await the next arrival of swifts. Our pair were hardly seen at all. I did see a pair, quite possibly ours, mating on the wing. I am always alerted to this by particularly intense swift screams. These are often heard high up, as for obvious reasons they lose height. But today’s mating pair started quite low down so the union was short lived, in order to avoid a crash landing!


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