April 23rd- swallows and jackdaws

Yesterday evening I spent some time watching and sketching the jackdaws on a neighbour’s chimney. Like many birders, lockdown has forced me to really concentrate on wildlife at home. Jackdaws are such charismatic birds and I have vowed to make more studies of the species in the coming weeks.

We went for a walk to the East of the village today, in the hope of finding yellow wagtails. We didn’t find one, but we definitely heard one. The slurry covered field where it was probably feeding was shimmering in the warmth making viewing quite difficult.  But, we did see swallows. There has been an arrival of swallows in the village; one two days ago, two yesterday and six today. A few house martins were swooping back under the eaves too. It was lovely to listen to the swallows twittering on the wires again.

I have unblocked the entrances to the swift boxes. There has been an arrival of swifts across the country in the last few days. This is still a small percentage of our breeding swifts. The majority will arrive in the first half of May, but these early birds always raise expectations. Still the boxes are ready and the cameras inside three of them are set, so I look forward to sketching swifts again as soon as they arrive. Watch this space.



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