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April 13th-hedgehog and jackdaw

I set the trail camera last night to find out how active the hedgehogs are. Our hedgehog nest box was used to raise young last summer and is in use again this year. This large hedgehog was recorded leaving the nest box yesterday at 8.34pm. It spent the whole night out feeding before returning at 5.17am this morning. The hedgehog nest box is located behind our oil tank. Whilst it is well hidden under a beech hedge the site is not partcularly quiet and the occasional strike from a football is not unknown! If you have some spare timber a hedgehog nest box might be a good Spring project?

Jackdaws are nest building in a neighbour’s chimney. Such characterful birds. Their nest is now finished with egg laying imminent I think.

Today has felt very cold compared to recent days. As I write(4.30pm), it is just 7C with a keen breeze coming from the North Sea.


IMG_0607 (3)

P01[0:0] E[146:0127]G[064:0x14] BV[97:0] IR[L]

P01[0:1] E[147:0122]G[064:0x14] BV[82:16] IR[L]


1 thought on “April 13th-hedgehog and jackdaw”

  1. I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the more regular posts and your beautiful drawings. In our small suburban back garden I have been watching robins courting. I chose this post to leave a comment on as we had a pet jackdaw for many years when I was young…a fledgling fell down the chimney in the school where my father taught, and he was the go-to person for looking after animals, so Socrates came to live with us. Having been initially rearerd in a large cage in the kitchen where he thought cats were friends, I guess my parents decided it was better to keep him as an indoor bird. I always love seeing them.

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