3 thoughts on “Too cold for Swifts to feed”

  1. Pleased to see that swifts have returned to your boxes. After all the initial excitement last year when interest was shown in our boxes, there seems to be a paucity of these wonderful birds in our corner of North Yorkshire.

    1. Advice to anyone waiting to attract Swifts. Wait until the very end of May then persist with attraction calls right through until early August. You also need some good weather. It is the younger birds you will most likely attract, birds born last year, the year before and possibly the year before that. You had great interest in your first year, in Swift attracting terms that is a superb result! Keep the faith…

  2. I have checked the date of last year’s first interest in the boxes. They were installed on June 10th, just 2 days before the swifts were attracted within 2 hours of the CD being turned on.
    Thanks so much for your reassurance and advice.

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