Ampleforth Swift Day- 18th June, 7.30- 9.30pm

Swift's over St Hida's church, Ampleforth- watercolour
Swift’s over St Hida’s church, Ampleforth- watercolour

Above- a new watercolour to celebrate the swifts of Ampleforth. The original will be on show and signed limited edition prints will be available at £50 each.

Next Wednesday evening will be an opportunity to learn about swifts and how we can help them, but above all it will be a chance to study them and appreciate them. We are very lucky to have a healthy population of swifts in Ampleforth but this is not the case everywhere. Screaming low level flocks of swift epitomise a summer’s evening and the village would be very different place without them.

So if you are free come and learn more about these wonderful birds. The evening starts at 7.30pm with a short presentation. There will be a display in the church and then the opportunity to for a short walk around the village to fully appreciate the flying skills of swifts. We can also see a swift on its nest with the aid of an infra red camera during the walk which will be about 40 minutes. In addition I hope we might see the spotted flycatchers which have set up territory in St Hilda’s church yard.

The event is FREE with light refreshments provided by the church.