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Swallows and House Martins arrived

House Martins prospecting last year's nest site.
House Martins prospecting last year’s nest site.
Swallow studies, watercolour in sketchbook
Swallow studies, watercolour in sketchbook

The first swallows and martins are back. Yesterday I heard the familiar ‘raspberry’ calls of house martins. I look forward to their return each year and last night one settled back into its nest on the front of our house. We hope for a better summer for them in 2013. Hopefully the martins will thrill us with their presence until mid September. I will be updating this blog with reports on their progress through the summer.

2 thoughts on “Swallows and House Martins arrived”

  1. I have had house martins for the past 3 years. They appeared last week(on a relatively hot day) but they seem to have gone again. Is it because the weather has changed again…cold and windy? Will they come back?

    1. The weather is too cold for them to spend energy on breeding, they are just trying to keep themselves alive. My guess is that, if the weather improves they will come back. The pair nest building on our house have stopped since the warm spell.

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