House Martin diary 2011, Sketchbook

House Martins return

House Martins on an old nest- 21st July

House Martins have returned over the last couple of days with at least two pairs holding disused nests on our house. I am baffled as to why they are showing such interest in the nests this late. Two pairs returned in late spring but both failed to raise young and had deserted by early July. With the adult birds are many juveniles so we are currently treated to between 20- 30 martins wheeling around the eaves in the morning. Whilst it is highly unlikely that either pair will attempt to breed this late, it is certainly wonderful to have martins around again and perhaps this late prospecting bodes well for us next year.

1 thought on “House Martins return”

  1. we have had a housemartins nest outside our bedroom window for the past 5 years,usually arriving in May. They did not come back this May much to our dismay, but today 4th July they are back and are rebuilding their nest this must be v unusual.

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