New Course at the Pheasant Hotel- Sketch Harome with Jonathan Pomroy

On September 20th I will be leading another sketching course at The Pheasant Hotel Harome, North Yorkshire. We had an excellent day in March in very fine weather using the beautiful surroundings of Harome. A fine lunch with wine was provided as part of the course, a chance to socialise and reflect on a lovely morning sketching. Once again the emphasis of the day will be upon enjoying sketching the village, in particular the area by the pond where ducks, trees, water and of course sky can all be tackled. You will need basic watercolour brushes and paints, pencils, a water pot and a good quality cartridge or watercolour sketchpad. A folding chair might also be useful and clothing to suit plein air sketching! The cost which includes coffee and lunch will be £45. For more information or booking please contact the Pheasant Hotel on 01439 771241.

House Martin diary 2011, Sketchbook

House Martins return

House Martins on an old nest- 21st July

House Martins have returned over the last couple of days with at least two pairs holding disused nests on our house. I am baffled as to why they are showing such interest in the nests this late. Two pairs returned in late spring but both failed to raise young and had deserted by early July. With the adult birds are many juveniles so we are currently treated to between 20- 30 martins wheeling around the eaves in the morning. Whilst it is highly unlikely that either pair will attempt to breed this late, it is certainly wonderful to have martins around again and perhaps this late prospecting bodes well for us next year.


First Swift fledges- 31st July

Swift wing excercising- photo copyright Jonathan Pomroy

Swift doing press ups- copyright Jonathan Pomroy 2012


The first nestling left yesterday morning 43 days after hatching. Meanwhile its sibling remains in the nestbox. The photographs show this bird wing exercising in the box. It now spends the day alone. Its parents have stopped feeding it so it will have to depart very soon. LATEST-2/8/12 the second young swift(shown above) fledged yesterday evening at about 7pm 42 days after hatching.

It has been a good year for swifts in this part of North Yorkshire, contrary to national media reports saying that swifts left early due to the wet April- June period, they haven’t here. They were swirling over our village this morning in the highest number for at least three years. Fledging in local nests has been successful and on time.