Moon , Venus and Jupiter

The last few evenings have seen beautiful configurations of some of the brightest objects in the sky. Tonight they are in diagonal- from top to bottom, moon, Jupiter and Venus. I listened to the last Blackbird song of the day and heard the first calls of Tawny Owls watching the beautiful formation of planets and moon in a deep blue sky.
But perhaps the best evening was that of the 25th when the slimest new moon lay on its back with the two planets in close proximity. On the night of 12th/ 13th March Venus and Jupiter will be only three degrees apart in the twilight sky and should make a beautiful sight if skies are clear. For Nasa’s explanation see here.

Moon, Jupiter and Venus- 28th February, 7.26pm

2 thoughts on “Moon , Venus and Jupiter”

  1. I am so glad you wrote about this as I too saw the beautiful sliver of silver moon but an very ignorant of the planets and stars. I wondered if the bright objects nearby were planets or satellites. Now I know!

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