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Tawny surprise

Found this gorgeous Tawny Owl today on a fence bar in a sunlit hedge. It was obviously soaking up some winter sunshine on this cold day. The temperature was about 1 c when I sketched from a range of about twenty feet. Lovely warm brown feathers were accentuated by the low winter sun. Finding a Tawny Owl in daylight can be difficult and this was undoubtedly my best ever daylight view of this common but beautiful owl.

Tawny Owl- watercolour in sketchbook

4 thoughts on “Tawny surprise”

  1. Lovely sketch of this beautiful bird. I have sometimes seen Tawny’s flying in the summer in the woodland, around 8 O’clock. I was wondering whether this is normal as their night hours are limited when our days are long and so opt for near-dusk flights as well.

  2. Oh – how beautiful!! It must have been lovely seeing it just basking in the sunshine. I’ve always wanted to see a wild owl in the wild. I used to hear them all the time when I worked in Yorkshire.

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