bird behaviour, Sketchbook


Crossbill with double wing bars- watercolour in sketchbook

Went to the moor today to sketch the Crossbills. It was very cold in the brisk north westerly wind but the winter sunshine was very bright. A flock of about 40 crossbills gave stunning views down to about twenty feet. The males very beautiful in bright breeding plumage. I have attempted to do justice to this in the sketch. The bright orange red against a crisp blue winter sky is a sight etched on my mind. With them were greenish coloured females who are bright in their own right with vivid bronze yellow rumps. All the while the males were singing quietly. Then suddenly I noticed a female with two wing bars. Could this be a rare Two- barred Crossbill? A very exciting record if confirmed, but if not, what a glorious couple of hours to spend with these charismatic finches.

Male Crossbill- watercolour in sketchbook

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