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Red- throated Divers at Sandsend

Red- throated Divers at Sandsend- watercolour in sketchbook

Spent a super morning at Sansdend near Whitby. Four or five redthroats were feeding very close to the beach giving wonderful views. These birds spend alot of time underwater when feeding and I was kept on my toes predicting where each diving bird would surface. If I was lucky it surfaced in my scope’s field of view, but normally I would have to pan quickly round, find the bird and sketch before  the next dive. I love Red- throated Divers having seen them in their glorious breeding plumage in the wilds of Sutherland peatlands, but they are a joy to see in winter plumage too. Seen well the dark grey back is beautifully spangled with white flecks and the shape of divers is lovely to draw.

Red- throated Diver- watercolour in sketchbook

1 thought on “Red- throated Divers at Sandsend”

  1. There are some lovely studies here. I am also slightly ashamed to say if it were me, I just know I would have taken photos and finished off drawing at home.

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