House Martin diary 2011, Sketchbook

House Martins nest building

House Martins nest building- watercolour and pencil in sketchbook
Prospecting House Martins- watercolour in sketchbook

Two pairs of House Martins have started nest building on the house. After several days of singing and chattering loudly from dawn every morning they have made their decision and are adding mud pellets. First they build a substantial shelf about five inches from the soffit board. This will support the side walls as they progress. Once they have built a substantial foundation they will start roosting on it. I love the sound of martins and their graceful flight as they approach the eaves. They are collecting mud from a puddle about 100metres from the house but have been delayed over the last two days by the strength of the wind. At least the rain will have topped up their mud supply.

3 thoughts on “House Martins nest building”

  1. HI Jonathan
    Ive seen your pictures in the YNU report and York Ornithological Club report and have always wondered whether you had a blog or website as they are fantastic. It made my day when I finally found you had one. STUNNING WORK! I will be following your blog for definite
    Jack Ashton-Booth

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