Sketchbook, Swift diary 2011

Partial albino Swift returns- 11th May 2011

Partial albino Swift- watercolour in sketchbook 11th May 2011

Yesterday morning I was delighted to see a Swift I came to know very well last year. It first arrived over our house on May 27th 2010 and entered Swift box 3 several times around mid June. However it did not attempt to breed but stayed around the village and in particular around our house until August 7th. This Swift offers a unique opportunity to study the behavioural patterns of an individual. Yesterday morning it was seen entering Swift box 3 and it returned at 8.52pm to roost there. It will be fascinating to see whether it remains here to breed. We know that many of the Swifts we see will have been here last year but to recognise one really fills with wonder at the sights it has seen over the last nine months, the dangers it may have encountered, the spectacular thunderstorms it may have witnessed in Africa. Getting to know an individual bird and welcoming it back after its amazing  journey is a huge priviledge.

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