bird behaviour, Sketchbook

Wood Warblers are back

I found a singing male Wood Warbler deep in the woods. I could hear it well before I could see it. Its song carried through the trees in the cold, still, early morning air, loud, exciting and evocative of old forest with big beech and oak trees. When I found it, it was not shy, often singing within ten feet of where I sketched. A male Wood Warbler begins its song in a display flight, gliding on fanned tail and wings to a perch where the repertoire reaches its loud trilling crescendo. The energy that is packed into this final trill is immense as the bird trembles as it delivers the sound. The performance was relentless, I watched it display over and over again, occasionally replacing the trilling song with loud clear whistling notes. Wood Warblers winter in Tropical rain forests in Africa. But a few at least spend the summer near my home and I am thrilled to hear them.

Wood Warbler- watercolour in sketchbook

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