Kirkdale, North Yorkshire- 28th March

A great walk in warm sunshine. I was able to walk across Hodge Beck which is totally dry at the moment. Some Wild Daffodils were flowering by the river bed along with Wood Anenomes and Primroses. I also found one of my favourite insects, a Bee Fly, an insect to really enjoy at this time of year. They are a little like small bumble bees who hover around spring flowers using a long proboscis to take nectar. In gardens they love Aubretia flowers and I have often seen them on Cillas and Primroses. They also love to bask in the sun. This one was basking on the dry river bed. I must return to see this river after heavy rain. It has a large catchment area of hills including Rudland Rigg and Bransdale Moor. March here like most of the country has been exceptionally dry.

Wild Daffodils by the dry Hodge Beck.
Wood Anenomes at Kirkdale
Primrose at Kirkdale
Bee Fly on dry river bed

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