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Mealy and Lesser Redpolls

After several weeks of visits from Lesser Redpolls a very different Redpoll arrived yesterday. Much bigger than the Lessers and with much paler plumage the Mealy Redpoll is a Scandinavian visitor to our shores. This visit comes after Lesser Redpoll numbers on the feeders have dropped presumably as birds head back to their breeding territories. The last few days have also seen a drop in numbers of Siskins visiting the feeders.

Mealy Redpoll


Mealy Redpoll
Lesser Redpoll

2 thoughts on “Mealy and Lesser Redpolls”

  1. Hi Jonathan

    Check out the forum ;go to Yorkshire;then Yorkshire redpolls! Have had a rare old winter with these birds at Redhouse,NW of York.Did u see the rump or undertail?
    My impression from the one photo is mealy…..but several features more needed..see the forum for the trials and tribulations this winter!

    Nice bird for the garden though, nice one!!


    1. Hi Paul,
      thank you, the forum is a really useful and measured discussion about Redpolls. I have a few more photos I could send you. What really struck me was the size- had lessers for weeks then suddenly this paler, comparitive giant turns up. Rump was very pale with some streaking, more extensive projection of primaries also very obvious.
      Many thanks,

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