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Green- winged Teal at Newburgh Priory Lake, North Yorkshire

I was scanning the regular flock of Teal on the lake when I noticed a drake American Green- winged Teal. If you look at my previous entry showing a Eurasian Teal you can see that the horizontal white stripe is replaced by a vertical one up the side of the breast. Also there are less yellow lines dividing the areas of sienna and bottle green on the head. I have been watching the Teal flock all winter and hoping to find this North American species, today I have! I spent a hour or so sketching and photographing the bird in dull light but very much hope it will still be there tomorrow when the forecast is for a fine sunny day.

Green- winged Teal- watercolour in sketchbook
Drake Green- winged Teal
Drake Green- winged Teal
Green- winged Teal(middle) with Eurasian Teal

2 thoughts on “Green- winged Teal at Newburgh Priory Lake, North Yorkshire”

  1. Great find Jonathan! are they a frequent visitor to the UK? Your final picture clearly shows the difference of the white stripe, I will definitely remember that tip next time I go birding. Thanks.

  2. They are recorded quite frequently but it was still very satisfying to find one. Interesting I think that species so similar should have such different white stripe positions.

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