Snow, Orion and a waning gibbous- 23rd December.

A few attempts at photographing the light on snow last night. My aim was to reproduce the colours and brightness of the landscape as I saw it. Although the pictures are quite grainy I was pleased with the true representation of colour and tone of moonlight on both land and clouds. The moon phase was a waning gibbous approximately 96% of full. The second photograph shows part of the constellation of Orion. The most distinctive feature of Orion is his belt. His right shoulder point is marked by the super giant star Betelguese. Estimates vary wildly as to the size of Betelguese and astronomers believe that its size fluctuates but I have read that it could be about 650 times the diameter of the sun- so it is massive. Orion makes a fine sight in the southern sky on a clear winter night especially with snow lit by the moon.

Moonlight on snow
Orion over a snowy landscape 23rd December, 12.30am.

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