Location watercolour

I spent some time working in the snowfields today. I trudged through fields a foot deep in snow to find a good spot to paint. The challenge is great but very rewarding. I cleared a patch of snow to sit and used snow to make an angled drawing board. I even made a small snow shelf on which to put my watercolour box and water pot. The brushes were simply stuck into the snow. The whole set up worked very well. Then the challenge of painting. Within about five minutes ice formed in the water pot the water on the brushes froze and the paint on the palette turned solid! Still I battled on using the water and breathing on palette and brush to keep them ice free. As I started to paint snow fell hard and this produced some really interesting results. Melting snowflakes made lovely marks on the pigment. But the best part of painting on location is that sitting still wildlife moves around you. Blackbirds and Redwings came to a small patch of moving water. A gorgeous male Bullfinch fed nearby on dock seeds. You also notice how fleeting skies are. I saw pewter coloured sky with driving snow, blue sky and approaching Cumulo nimbus clouds- magic. I must say though, despite layers of clothes after a few hours I was cold. Painting in gloves is not easy so my fingers were constantly exposed and I certainly enjoyed my game soup when I returned home.

Water(ice)colour on location today. minus 2 celsius and snow showers.
The effect of ice on watercolour.
Iced palette!

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