bird behaviour, Work in progress

Fieldfare painting

I was watching very large flocks of Fieldfares yesterday which reminded me of some sketches I made last winter. During snowy weather last winter Fieldfares came right up to the window giving me an excellent opportunity to make many sketches. Recent sketchbook studies of windfall apples from our tree were combined with the Fieldfare in snow sketches to produce this watercolour. The Fieldfare flocks which graced this part of North Yorkshire were by far the biggest I have seen this winter. Great flocks were plundering hawthorn trees for berries and dropping down to feed in pasture often in the company of Redwings.

Fieldfare- watercolour

1 thought on “Fieldfare painting”

  1. There is a small flock of fieldfares that visits my garden every winter, usually after christmas. I save windfall apples in the autumn and put them out for them in the cold of the year. They travel such a long way to get here; it would be a shame if the garden larder was bare.

    They are beautiful birds. Your painting captures wonderfully their hardiness and spirit.

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