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Waxwings in Kirkbymoorside- now 40

Went back to Kirkbymoorside for some lunchtime sketching today and to my delight the flock had increased to 40 birds. Their trilling calls filled the mild November air and they made a fine sight all facing into the blustery westerly wind on the swaying top most branches of a birch tree. Some were flycatching, making graceful aerial sorties to take flying insects. As the perched birds turned their heads their crests were blown sideways by the wind. I made a number of watercolour sketches with pedestrians passing and people in passing cars wondering what on earth I was looking at with telescope on tripod in the middle of the town. Usually I sketch in solitude, but Waxwings nearly always find me in well populated areas. I always see this as a good opportunity to share my sighting with others if they are interested. I am sure more than a few people were first hooked on birdwatching after the excitement of seeing their first Waxwings.

Waxwings- watercolour in sketchbook
Waxwings- watercolour in sketchbook


Waxwings in birch- photograph digiscoped

1 thought on “Waxwings in Kirkbymoorside- now 40”

  1. Great sketches, they are handsome creatures. I trust the other Kirkby birds didn’t take exception to you high powered lenses!

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