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Waxwing Invasion 2010- Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire

The invasion began last weekend, with many Waxwings arriving in Scotland and down the East Coast of England. I am always eager to find these exotic looking winter visitors and start my search in the summer. I take note of rowan trees wherever I drive in readiness for an arrival of Waxwings. It is rowan berries they go for first. If you know where the rowan trees are the search for the first Waxwings of the winter is much easier. So this morning I set out early to wait for a very gloomy dawn. Eventually I found a flock of nine Waxwings on some rowans in Kirkbymoorside. They looked quite sleek in the mild temperaures- last night’s minimum temperature was 13C. Anyone who has watched them in the depths of winter will know how much they can puff their feathers up. Their distinctive trilling calls, a real sound of winter, took me back to my last sightings in and around Skipton in 2008. October sightings of Waxwings are unusual, this invasion is an early one and I anticipate many more sightings in the months to come.

Waxwings- watercolour in sketchbook
Waxwing- pencil in sketchbook
Waxwing- pencil in sketchbook
Waxwing- watercolour

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