Hawfinch in West Monkton

A brief view of a Hawfinch this afternoon. West Monkton has frequently yielded sightings of this elusive finch. It has a mix of very old trees with many beech and yew, both of which attract Hawfinches. I am sure somewhere there must be some hornbeam too- the seeds of hornbeam are a great favourite of this big, but elusive British finch. If you want to find one, learn to identify the call, a sharp ‘tick’ uttered as the bird flies from cover. Also in the village a flock of about 20 Fieldfares dropped down to inspect a large orchard, a small flock of siskins and amazingly a Woodcock flushed from exactly the same spot I saw one in January last year.

Hawfinch- watercolour in sketchbook, sketched previously in Westwood, Wiltshire

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