bird behaviour

Fieldfares and Golden Plovers- 20th October

The first large flocks of Fieldfares moved east over Ampleforth on the 20th October. These slow moving flocks move west often with Redwings for company. Their harsh “chack, chack, chack”calls are for me a real sign that Autumn is nearing its peak, so time to be ready to enjoy the colours through the end of October and early November. The cultivated fields on high ground around Ampleforth are hosting huge flocks of Lapwings and Golden Plovers. I have had some super views of both these species as the search newly tilled fields and pasture for worms. When Golden Plovers take flight they are a spectacular sight all turning together, their light underparts are shown off to best effect(as today) when seen sunlit against a dark sky.

Fieldfare- watercolour
Golden Plovers near Yearsley- photograph

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