Butterflies and moths, Insects

Ivy flowers

The ivy flowers along the lane were teaming with insects in the heat of the midday sun- the temperature climbed above 20 celsius in the shade today. Ivy is a very important late source of  nectar for many insect species. There were buzzing swarms of House Flies and some hoverflies. Honey bees dragged around enourmous orange pollen sacks. There were also a few Noon Day Flies. These attractive insects lay their eggs in cow dung- the larvae then eat the larvae of other flies. They are known as Noon Day Flies for their habbit of basking in the the midday sun. Also on the flowers was a Comma, looking stunning against a clear blue October sky. Up to four Commas were feeding on apples today along with one or two Red Admirals.

Comma feeding on ivy flowers
Noon Day Fly

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