Butterflies and moths

More mild nights

More mild nights, last night the minimum temperature was 13.5 celsius and though it rained later the first part of the night was mild and muggy. I caught my first Green- brindled Crescent, a beautifully marked creature. Tawny Owls were very vocal last night. As far as I could tell there was a pair and another male calling near the house with more in the distance arguing over their territory boundaries. We can hear and see Little Owls and Barn Owls from the house too, but it is the Tawny Owls, the female who shrieks “kewick, kewick, kewick” and the males who “hoooo”, who are loud enough to disturb our sleep. Hedgehogs have not been seen by the feeding bowl much recently, this is probably because we have had more rain which means worms, slugs and snails are much easier to find. Moths are still flying and Pipistrelle bats seem to have found the area of the moth trap where many insects are attracted to the ultra violet light. Time to move it!

Green- brindled Crescent
Green- brindled Crescent
Feathered Thorn
Feathered Thorn

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