Butterflies and moths

September Moths

Recent nights have been very mild. Last night the temperature did not drop below 16 celsius- ideal conditions for setting the  moth trap! The Angle Shades moth was the species which first had me hooked on mothing, in particular the art of ‘sugaring’! This is a means of attracting moths by mixing a concoction of black treacle, old bananas, jam and beer- well at least this is my recipe! I remember going out after dark and inspecting a ‘sugared’ fence post to see two Angle Shades moths feeding, what stunning insects. Soon I was attracting more species including the spectacular Large Red Underwing. This is a great activity to try with children as you can have a trail with lots of ‘sugared’ posts or trees. You never know what will turn up as you turn the torch on, sometimes nothing of course, but on good nights moths can be clammering to feed! Even if there are no moths it is wonderful to be outside after dark on an autumn evening hearing Tawny Owls proclaiming their territories and Hedgehogs shuffling in the borders. Ideal conditions for sugaring would be warm, muggy and cloudy nights. The species below were caught overnight in an ultra violet light trap and released in the morning.

Angle Shades moth
Large Wainscot
Green Carpet
Frosted Orange

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