bird behaviour, Butterflies and moths

House Martins and more butterflies

Sketches of House Martins

House Martins still visit. We have three roosting in one nest on the front of the house. They arrive to roost at about 7.25pm and leave the nest at about 7.30am. About ten gather above this end of the village in the morning. The vast majority of House Martins departed after big flocks gathered on wires near the front of the house at the end of August.

Butterflies and Verbena bonariensis
As the sun evaporated early fog and warmed the herbaceous border butterflies started feeding. The most popular plant was Verbena bonariensis. Many butterflies and moths enjoy feeding on the nectar of this plant. A beautiful border plant which is superb for attracting insects, especiallly butterflies. It is also popular with Hummingbird Hawkmoths. Earlier this year I saw two feeding in one border containing this plant.

Comma on Verbena bonariensis
Tortoiseshell on Verbena bonariensis

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