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Afternoon Hedgehog

Sketches of Hedgehog


During the afternoon a hedgehog appeared under the bird feeders to eat sunflower hearts dropped by the birds. It seemed to be in good health but I was concerned for its well being so I referred to my books, two of which stated that hedgehogs feed in daylight in the autumn. It should be stressed however that this behaviour can signal that a hedgehog is in trouble as they are chiefly nocturnal feeders. We watched similar behaviour last September, with hedgehogs coming out to feed at the warmest time of the day, presumably to build up fat reserves in time for hibernation.

1 thought on “Afternoon Hedgehog”

  1. As a volunteer hedgehog carer for the BHPS i was horrified to see your pictures and your comments of sunbathing. Hedgehogs are nocturnal therefore any hedgehog seen out in daylight are in big trouble. They are disoriontated , they proberly have a very heavy worm burden which will eventually kill them, being out in the sunshine leaves them at the mercy of blowflies. These lay their eggs on them, they hatch to maggots which then burrow into the hedgehog, eating it alive, a terrible death. I have lost count of the hogs that my vet and i have battled to save. If you see them out again, please cover them with a box to keep the flies off and contact the British hedgehog society who will put you in contact with a carer.
    Thank you on behalf of the hedgehog 🙂

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